Providing learning through service


To groom future talents, we invite industry and community organisations to be our partners in creating a virtuous cycle of learning through meaningful service in community-focused projects.

CSR Programme

The CSR Lab ecosystem will foster a collective response to social, environmental and economic challenges.

Through real-world experiences in “serving to learn and learning to serve,” this initiative aims to excite, inspire and groom future talents in engineering, IT and design, and give our young people a stake in contributing back to the society.

Project timeline across semesters:

Problem identification & design specification
6 weeks
Initial design & prototype
6 weeks
Design refinement & final delivery
8 weeks

Why should you take part

As a Community Organisation you can discover new ideas and experiment with innovations in your field, while meeting the needs of your beneficiaries and advancing social causes.

As a Mentor Company from the industry you will be able to groom future talents in engineering, IT or design, and at the same time, showcase your technical knowhow and fulfil your CSR commitment.

As an NP student you get to deepen your academic knowledge and skills by working with industry and community mentors. You can also collaborate with peers from other NP courses in a multidisciplinary project to make a real impact in the community.

How can you take part as NP partners

You can nominate your staff as a Community Supervisor or an Industry Mentor to work with NP students and lecturers in community projects in the areas of Environmental Sustainability, Inclusivity & Assistive Technology, or Community Development.

Each project cycle is 20 weeks (5 months). A solution may be developed and scaffolded over several project cycles.

Within a project cycle, there are several engagement sessions between the Community Supervisor or Industry Mentor with NP students and lecturers. NP lecturers will manage the day-to-day academic supervision and grading.

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Please contact us at TechVillage@np.edu.sg for more information.